3 Simple Ways To Make a Zipper Slide Easier

3 Simple Ways To Make a Zipper Slide Easier
December 15, 2022

Sometimes, you dig something out of storage and discover the zipper won’t slide. A jammed zipper is never a good experience, but here are three simple ways to make a zipper slide easier. You can do most of these methods with objects you have lying around the house. But in the case of a particularly stubborn stuck zipper, you may need to make a trip to the local hardware or craft store.

Zipper Lubricant

One of the most common and straightforward methods for making a zipper slide easier is to use some specialized lubricant. You can find this lubricant in most stores that carry zipper repair kits or replacement sliders. Typically, you want to apply a few drops along both sides of the zipper track and spread it around, carefully wiping off any excess. Once the lubricant sets in, your zipper should slide smoothly.

Common Household Items

Maybe you don’t have any specialized zipper lubricant on hand and you’re unable to get to the store to pick some up. Thankfully, many common household objects are great and simple ways to make a zipper slide easier. Here are three items available in your desk or pantry to get your zipper moving again.

  • Graphite Pencil: Gently rub the graphite along the top and bottom of the zipper track. Graphite is an excellent natural lubricant to get things moving and easy to dust or brush off when you’re finished.
  • Olive Oil: A few drops above and below the zipper work wonders. The natural composition of the olive won’t damage your zipper, and it’s easy to wipe clean.
  • Lip Balm: Spreading a little lip balm on the track helps loosen things up and makes it easy to move again. We recommend not rubbing the lip balm directly onto the zipper track if you want to use it on your lips again.

Cleaning the Track

Sometimes, the main thing preventing you from moving your zipper is debris stuck in the track. Grabbing a small, soft-bristled brush like a toothbrush and cleaning out the track is a vital step in getting your zipper moving again.

Whether you’re using a storebought or home solution, getting your zippers in working order is our top priority. FixNZip has everything you need, from replacement zipper pulls to helpful guides and instructions on keeping things moving. Contact us today with any additional questions, and a knowledgeable team member will be happy to assist you.

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