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One of my favorite getaways is heading out to the Oregon Coast for the weekend. I was throwing clothes into my duffel bag for one such weekend when I realized the zipper had broken. It might sound silly, but this little duffel was the perfect size to hold everything I’d need for a few days. I didn’t just have a spare duffel bag lying around — why would I when I already had the perfect one? But I had a spare FixnZip ready for just an occasion. Zipper fixed, crisis averted, beach weekend a go.

But why did the zipper break in the first place?
Most zippers fail because the slider has worn down and lost tension, resulting in a zipper track that won’t stay closed or gets misaligned or jams. Other times, the slider just pops right off. Either way, you’re stuck with a bum bag that doesn’t serve its purpose.

So, now what?
Your options are: (1) throw it away, (2) take it to a seamstress to fix (you may as well buy a new duffel bag for that price), (3) rip out and replace the entire zipper track, which requires sewing skills, or (4) use one of those other zipper repair kits that require sewing, which is basically like Option 3. The FixnZip keeps your duffel bag out of the landfill, requires no sewing knowledge, and saves you the cost of paying someone to fix it or buy a new one.

The FixnZip is a replacement zipper slider that works on all types of zippers and materials (plastic, metal, nylon, coil). It comes in three sizes to fit just about any size zipper out there. A small works for zippers like you might find on couch cushions and purse pockets, the medium is for duffel bags, jackets, backpacks, tents, and sleeping bags, and the large is for heavy duty zippers like on boat covers and wet suits.

So, you have a duffel bag with a broken zipper, and now you know you can fix it with a FixnZip. But how? We made a video to show you exactly how to do that. If you can’t watch the video, then follow these steps:

1.Take your size medium FixnZip (a medium will work on most duffel bags) and loosen the thumb screw.

2.Hold one side open and slip it over the zipper teeth on your bag. If it’s a closed-end zipper, you’ll need a little extra finger dexterity to slide the teeth into both sides at the same time. See the video for a good visual on this step.

3.Tighten the thumb screw down until it’s tight, but not so tight that it can’t slide. It usually helps to tighten it completely, then loosen it a quarter turn.

4.Now, zip it up. If the teeth don’t connect, that means you need to tighten it a little more. If it’s hard to zip, loosen it up a little. If you’re fixing a closed-end zipper, starting the zipper can be a little tricky, so be sure to take a peek at the video for some tips.

You can purchase them on our online store, or you can visit one of our retailers.If you have any questions, feel free to call or email us using the Contact page, or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter. Zipper repair doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Make it easy on yourself and pick up a FixnZip. You’ll save your stuff, your money, and your time. And who knows, maybe you’ll even get a weekend getaway out of it.


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