How To Replace the Zipper on Your Favorite Jacket

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March 18, 2021

Did you recently pull out your raincoat from last year only to discover that the zipper is busted? Or maybe your grandma gave you her leather coat from when she was your age, and though it’s back in style, the main zipper doesn’t work anymore. Don’t let these items gather dust in the back of your closet. Learn how to replace the zipper on your favorite jacket so you can extend the life of your most valuable clothing items.

Repair Your Zipper

Sometimes, a zipper seems broken when it is merely in need of a simple repair. You may just need a pair of pliers to pinch the tabs back onto the track. This is typically the case if your zipper is separating. Use your pliers to pinch down on both sides of the pull until the tab runs smoothly on the track without separating.

Replace Your Zipper

If you have a broken zipper on an older coat, the pull might be stuck due to missing or broken zipper teeth or something caught in it. You used to need zipper repair parts, which involved finding the right size zipper pull tab replacement and sewing in a whole new zipper. The project required pliers, needle, and thread, and it took so much time to do that many people chose to buy new clothes rather than go through the hassle.

You can keep wearing your precious heirlooms and practice sustainable fashion by using a no-sew zipper replacement piece. A FixNZip zipper slider replacement fits on any size zipper. To use it, loosen the thumbscrew and fit the slider over one side of the track. Tighten the thumbscrew, then loosen it about a quarter of a turn so it can easily slide on the track. Next, you can insert the other side of the zipper track into the FixNZip and use your jacket. Adjust the thumbscrew as needed if the track separates.

Never throw away another jacket due to a broken zipper again. You can use the FixNZip on more than jackets; it is ideal for anything that requires a zipper. Now that you know how to replace the zipper on your favorite jacket with a FixNZip, you can fix a zipper on anything from a backpack to a tent.

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