Why Do Most Zippers Fail?
Zippers fail for a variety of reasons.  If the teeth separate after being zipped up, then the zipper slider is probably worn out and needs to be replaced. If the zipper is pulled on too hard, it can come off track and no longer align the teeth properly. Sometimes the slider comes off all together. In each of these scenarios, the FixnZip replacement slider will take care of the problem.
What size do I need?
Correct Size FixnZip Slider Options
Medium is the commonly purchased size FixnZip slider, although zipper sizes do vary. They are also available in small or large. For help identifying your zipper size, visit our sizing page.
What’s the Difference Between Nickel and Dark Nickel?
The only difference is the color. Both nickel and dark nickel are cast zinc and nickel plated.
How do I use my FixnZip™ slider?
See our “How To” section for an instructional video as well as written step-by-step instructions.
The teeth are coming apart when I use my FixnZip™ slider. What do I do?
Sometimes the zipper teeth or coils need help getting started. Try squeezing the teeth together behind the zipper slider with your index finger and thumb as you pull the zipper slider. For more information, watch the video below:
Does FixnZip™ work on broken or missing zipper teeth?
Most of the time, the FixnZip™ will work if teeth are missing on a plastic or metal zipper. While the FixnZip™ does not replace the missing zipper teeth, it does realign the surrounding teeth, making the zipper functional again.

If the zipper is a nylon coil zipper, and the coils have come undone, the FixnZip™ most likely will not function properly.
Do you sell replacement zipper pulls?
Yes. We sell an zipper pull accessory pack on our online store. You can use them as additional pulls for the FixnZip™ or as replacement zipper pulls for a regular zipper slider that’s missing the pull.
How do I attach the pulls that came with my FixnZip?
Each kit comes with 2 optional pulls: a key ring and a cord/plastic clip pull. To attach the keyring, split the ring as though you were adding a key to a key ring, but feed it through the slot drilled on the FixnZip.

To attach the cord/plastic clip, you can feed the string through the slot on the FixnZip. Then take the two ends of the cord and fit it through the hinge of the plastic clip and snap it shut. If it helps, you can tie the string together inside the clip to help it catch (one time over, not a full knot. Just to make it slightly thicker and catch the serrated edges in the hinge).
Can The FixnZip be used on a zipper with two sliders?
Yes, the FixnZip can be used on a zipper with two sliders (sometimes called a double zipper). Instructions for that installation can be found here: 
Where can I purchase a FixnZip™ slider?
FixnZip™ sliders can be purchased online in our store, or through one of our local retailers.
Can I carry FixnZip™ in my store?
Yes. Visit our Contact page to get in touch with us about carrying FixnZip™ in your store.
How do I become a FixnZip™ distributor?
See our Distributors page for a list of current Distributors, and for contact information about becoming a FixnZip™ distributor.
How Much is Shipping?
We have three standard shipping rates available:

$3.99 First Class (free on orders of $24.99 or more in the US)
$10.49 Priority Mail (US only)
$7.99 First Class International

For shipping timeline information, click here.

How Soon Will My Order Ship?
*UPDATE September 16, 2020: We are still open and shipping orders within 1 business day. For the safety of our staff and to maintain social distancing, all of our operations (including order fulfillment) are being done remotely. You can still call and email our customer service lines. Please reach out if you have any questions. Thanks!

At FixNZip®, we always ship your order within the next business day so you can have your Zipper Replacement Slider in a timely fashion.

First Class: 2-5 Business Days
Priority Mail: 1-3 Business Days Guaranteed
International: Varies // Contact Us for Country-Specific Timelines

What Is Your Return Policy?
Your satisfaction is important to us, take a look at the FixNZip Guarantee.

If you are having trouble getting your FixnZip to work, please first visit our How to Use page, or Contact Us. If you’re not completely satisfied with the FixNZip, simply return the product within 30 days for a full refund or exchange.

To ensure proper handling and credit:

Provide reason for return and item you were trying to repair
Include packing list or Order Info (order # and customer address)
Send all returns to:
FixnZip Returns & Exchanges
415 17th St. STE 1
Oregon City, OR 97045

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