3 Tricks To Help Keep Your Fly From Unzipping

3 Tricks To Help Keep Your Fly From Unzipping
May 26, 2022

There are few things more embarrassing in life than someone catching you with your fly down. While it may look like a simple goof to them, the true fault may lie with a defective fly that has a mind of its own. If you’re in a state of panic about your fly constantly unzipping, use these three tricks to help keep your fly from unzipping.

Prevent Laundry Snafus

The best trick for preventing your fly from unfastening is to use some preventative care for your articles of clothing. You can ensure this by fastening all zippers before putting them in the washing machine. Open zippers can take the brunt of the damage in the machine. Plus, they can damage other garments. The second piece of advice is to dry your loads on low heat. High heat can scorch zippers, especially plastic ones. If you must, remove your clothes with zippers from your dryer load before using this setting. You can dry them afterward with lower heat or air dry them.

Lord of the Key Rings

It’s nice to repair things with items lying around the house. A rubber band or key ring are two such items that can resolve the problem. A bystander won’t even be able to tell you to have a ring keeping the fly up. You can attach the key ring or rubber band through the small loop on your slider. That way, you can attach either one of those materials to the button of your pants. You can use this setup to zip your pants up, connect the ring to the button, and close the flap.

Replace the Broken Slider

There may be a damaged piece of the mechanism, and the slider is the most common component that breaks. Thus, one method to fix your fly is to change the broken slider. Follow the subsequent steps to complete the job:

  1. Bring out the toolbox: A small set of pliers, tweezers, and end nippers will aid in your efforts to get the slider off your fly. Then, you’ll need replacement zipper sliders and a new zipper stop.
  2. Find the original zipper stop and remove it: This tiny piece connects the slider to the teeth. Remove any fabric that’s in the way so that you don’t damage the other contents of the zipper. Use the end nippers to take the stop off, and use your tweezers to remove any remnants.
  3. Glide the older slider off: Now is the time to attach your replacement slider.
  4. Add the brand-new stop: Grab those tweezers again and put the new stop on the teeth. Then, use the pliers to get it around the webbing.

Hopefully, these three tricks to help keep your fly from unzipping work like a charm for your favorite pair of pants. And we have the easiest, more effective zipper pull replacement available. Due to its robust nickel plating, our FixnZip is the durable replacement you desire. Look at our zipper slider sizing and get your zipper repair kit today!

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