4 Easy Ways To Quiet Obnoxiously Loud Zippers

4 Easy Ways To Quiet Obnoxiously Loud Zippers
April 6, 2022

We’ve all been in a situation where we’re trying to make as little noise as possible. Being a spectator at a show or rustling around a sleeping child requires you to be as stealthy as possible. However, the sound of a zipper might foil your plans. So use these four easy ways to quiet obnoxiously loud zippers.

Use a Zipper Pull Kit

One of the easiest ways to soundproof a noisy fastener is to use a zipper pull replacement. A new zipper pull kit works well because of its plastic tap. You’ll hardly notice the noise when you pull it upward from the end.

Usually, you can find a zipper pull kit that has multiple fasteners. Plus, the varying sizes and easier-to-install replacements can minimize the frustration while fixing it.

To get the ball rolling, you must remove the metal pull, thread a side of the pull string through the hole, level the length out, and put the tab in place.

Go With Plastic Over Metal

Ideally, you want to silence a zipper by not removing it, but you may have no other choice. If so, you should replace the entire zipper with a plastic version. This will eliminate the annoying sounds of a metal one.

You’ll have to detach the zipper by removing the stitches and measuring for the new plastic one. After that, you’ll need to do some precise cutting and sewing to complete the process. However, if you aren’t the crafty type, it may be advantageous to take it to a professional.

Pull Down With a Paracord

The rattling of a metal zipper can agitate you after every pull. Using a paracord is an additional way to suppress the sound. Go ahead and grab the essentials for the job. You’ll need a sharp object and metal snips or whatever can aid you in cutting out the bottom portion of the zipper pull.

Once you gather the supplies, you’ll create a loop with the paracord and straighten it. You’ll need to repeat the process on the opposite side, after which your paracord should work beautifully.

Lubricate the Zipper

The simplest method of quieting a zipper is using wax to lubricate it. Candle wax will do the job, but surf wax is the best option. Generously putting wax on all parts of the zipper helps hush its components. The wax acts as a barrier that stops sounds. Thus, whenever you notice some noise, get the wax out. The odds are that you’ll have to do this multiple times if you constantly use the zipper.

Using these four easy ways to quiet obnoxiously loud zippers will prevent you from causing a ruckus when you zip up your coat, backpack, or boots. Whether you need to replace a slider or a pull, you should head to FixnZip. We have what you need to guarantee that your fasteners are quiet as a mouse.

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