4 Quick Tips for Repairing an Invisible Zipper

4 Quick Tips for Repairing an Invisible Zipper
March 21, 2023

Invisible zippers are popular with outdoor gear, raincoats, and dresses. The advantage is that the track, slider, and teeth are all inside the garment, so you can hardly see it from the outside when you close the zipper. Not only do invisible zippers provide a distinct look that many appreciate, but the positioning also protects the zipper from water damage and other potential hazards. Here are four quick tips for repairing an invisible zipper you may want to consider if you notice some problems.

Clean and Lubricate

If the main problem with your zipper is that you're having trouble sliding it, cleaning it may be an easy fix. Use a soft-bristled brush along the underside of the invisible zipper to clear out dirt or dust. You may also want to use a few drops of a zipper lubricant or other home remedies, like pencil graphite or olive oil, to loosen it up.

Install a New Slider

Installing a new slider is a quick tip for repairing an invisible zipper. Use pliers to remove the bottom stop and the current slider. After installing a new one, attach a new bottom stop and give the slider a few test zips to see that it’s properly working.

Reposition the Teeth

One advantage of invisible zippers is that they're typically metal. Sometimes, the biggest problem with a metal zipper is that the teeth bend or move. A quick fix may be to identify where the zipper is giving you problems and adjust the teeth back into the right shape. You can also position them with needle-nose pliers.

Replace the Tape

Replacing the tape is time-consuming, but you may need to do it if other methods aren't solving the problem. Use a seam ripper to carefully remove the zipper and any loose threads from your gear or garment. Hold the zipper in place with pins, and carefully run it through a sewing machine for the quickest and best results.

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