8 Project Ideas for DIY Crafts With Zippers

8 Project Ideas for DIY Crafts With Zippers
July 1, 2022

Buying the same arts and crafts that anyone can get is boring. Opting for do-it-yourself projects allows you to showcase your creative side. These eight project ideas for DIY crafts with zippers will give your wardrobe or decor some flair.

Stylish Headbands

If you want to spruce up your headband game, you can try making your own with a zipper. There isn’t much to it, considering all it requires is a zipper and a couple of bobby pins. Just pin each side of the zipper to your hair, and you can even open the zipper for a more interesting appearance.

Illuminating Lamp

A lamp with a dying bulb is too dim, and a new bulb makes things too bright. A useful DIY craft is making a lamp with zippers as the shade. You can adjust the illumination based on how many zippers are on the shade. As you unzip the shade, it becomes brighter, and vice versa if you enjoy a darker room.

Colorful Earrings

A DIY project you can complete before your favorite song finishes is zipper stud earrings. Remove the zipper head and attach it to a stud, and you’ll have a new pair of earrings. You can make some in multiple colors to match any ensemble.

Sentimental Bracelets

In the same vein as the earrings, you can easily make a set of zipper bracelets for another funky accessory. It’s an inexpensive project that occupies your time and accentuates your sense of style. You can give matching colors to a loved one or friend to signify appreciation for them.

Book of Zippers

Young children tend to gravitate toward anything that makes noise, which is why many enjoy playing with zippers. You can make an entire book of the fasteners so they can zip to their heart’s content.

Holiday Ornaments

You could probably fill a tree with original ornaments from DIY projects, and now you can add another. You can make a zipper ornament in one of two ways. The easiest way is to get a standard zipper and find a colored zipper pull that matches.

Another way is to find designs that appear after unfastening, such as plaid, polka dots, or stripes, and add them around the ornament. Either way, you’ll have something clever and original for your tree.

Creative Handbag

Instead of spending a bunch of money on a new bag or purse, how about making one out of zippers? There’s no limit to the style of bag you can construct, so feel free to get as innovative as you want in size and style.

Plastic Bottle Container

It’s nice to have small containers for knick-knacks, but keeping track of the lids can cause problems. You can ditch the lid when you add a zipper to the bottom of a small plastic bottle. Cut the bottom of the bottle and wrap a zipper pull across it to keep your things secure.

You can try these eight DIY projects with zippers solo or with your family. Fixznip can help with dependable zipper pull replacements. Please browse our store to find the color and style you need!

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