A Brief Guide to the Most Popular Zipper Brands

A Brief Guide to the Most Popular Zipper Brands
August 15, 2022

Every sector of the fashion industry has its brands that lead the pack. In athletic apparel, we are familiar with Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor dominating the market. But is that the case for the zipper industry? This brief guide to the most popular zipper brands shows which zipper brands are ahead of the class.

YKK Zippers

It’s virtually impossible to go through your life without having a YKK zipper. The acronym YKK stands for Yoshida Kogyo Kabushibibaisha, a Japanese business that distinguished itself as the most popular zipper brand in the world.

Because of its cutting-edge technology and reliable materials, YKK continues to dominate the fastener market worldwide. The versatility of being coil, vislon, or metal has them on bags and other heftier items, but they still appear on garments like jeans.

Based on its price and practicality, the YKK zipper isn’t losing popularity soon.

Riri Zippers

Since Rihanna has her hand in the fashion industry with her Savage X Fenty, you’d think that the Riri zipper would have something to do with her. Just look at how much they cost!

Otherwise known as the “Rolls Royce of zippers,” the Riri zipper is top-notch quality with an elegant appearance. The fastener is usually on extravagant bags or dresses to help accessorize their chic look, or you can also find them on leather apparel like jeans and jackets.

Typically, Riri zippers glide without difficulty and come in three sizes (4mm, 6mm, and 8mm). While they are costly regardless of size, the length and tooth size may result in a higher price.

Glossy Zippers

If you don’t want to fork over a good chunk of charge for Riri zippers, you can opt for its knockoff version in the Glossy zippers. You can get away with using a Glossy zipper unless someone has a keen eye for zippers because they operate as smoothly as their counterpart.

You will find Glossy fasteners on the same luxury items as the Riri zippers, but they only come in two teeth sizes (5mm and 8mm). So if you need a certain style of zipper with classiness, going for a Glossy zipper might be your best bet.

Lampo Zippers

You get what you pay for when you use the Lampo zipper. They are expensive, but the quality is unmatched, and their two-way zipper makes them a popular choice. Several manufacturers use Lampo zippers for their reversible garments because of their versatile sliders.

This brief guide to the most popular zipper brands proves that all zippers are not equal. If you need something for a zipper repair, FixnZip is here to help. You don’t need to master your sewing skills to use our innovative fastener that replaces damaged or broken zippers. Use FixnZip anywhere for the simplest zipper pull replacement you can find.

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