Buttons vs. Zippers: What’s Best for Jeans?

Buttons vs. Zippers: What’s Best for Jeans?
April 3, 2023

There’s an ongoing debate when it comes to jeans about whether button or zipper flies are better options for securing. While all zipper slides have a button at the top to help securely fasten them, some people prefer all-button flies. So, when you’re wondering what’s best for jeans, buttons or zippers, here are some things to consider.

The Backstory of Buttons

Buttons have a much larger history with jeans that we don’t always consider. It wasn’t until the 1940s that jeans started incorporating zippers into the classic button fly. Many modern jeans bring back the buttons as a vintage throwback or a way to create a distinct aesthetic choice.

Where Zippers Shine

When considering whether buttons or zippers are best for jeans, you may also want to consider the jeans’ style. For tight, skinny jeans that serve a form-fitting function, zippers reign supreme. The smoother glide of the zipper is easier to hide and moves with the curve of the jeans and your body to create a more stylish look.

Considering the Issues

While both zippers and buttons have advantages, they each have some distinct disadvantages. Buttons, for example, require more motor skills and physical dexterity to fasten. Plus, if the jeans are too tight, sucking in and lifting up long enough to fasten multiple buttons can be a pain.

While zippers typically fasten more easily, they’re also more likely to break, stick, or come undone while wearing your jeans. No one ever wants to experience the embarrassment of hearing that their fly is down, which is a risk with zipper flies.

Zippers are an ideal choice for tight jeans, and many people prefer the convenience and ease of a zipper-button fly combo. The potential style options with button-fly jeans typically aren’t worth the additional discomfort and dexterous finger movements necessary to fasten them, especially on tighter garments.

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