Closed-End Zippers

Closed-End Zippers are most often found on items like tents. These zippers are attached to one another and are incredibly simple to fix using the FixnZip Replacement Zipper Slider. You don’t need to know how to fix a closed zipper with needle and thread when you use this universal replacement kit. It’s the simplest gadget you’ll ever own. Once you get the hang of using the FixnZip, you’ll be able to fix anything. Check out our guide to using the kit on a closed-end zipper:
Step 1: The screw on the FixNZip Slider should be towards the outside of the item.

Step 2: Loosen the screw on the slider.
Step 3 : Slip the slider over one row of zipper teeth.
Step 4: Feed both rows of teeth into the slider. 
Step 5: Position the slider as close to the retaining box as possible.
Tighten the thumbscrew all the way down. You may need to loosen it about a quarter of a turn.
Step 7: Squeeze the top and bottom of the slider at the same time. With your other hand, firmly grasp the zipper box.
Step 8: While still squeezing the slider, pull it up the zipper 1-2 inches. Then retighten the thumbscrew if needed and continue up the zipper.
Other items that use closed-end zippers are backpacks, boat covers, and boots. If your fastener breaks for any reason, turn to the FixnZip right away. Our unique repair kit comes in multiple sizes and is designed to fit on any size zipper. For more details about zippers and using the FixnZip, click here.
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