Dos and Don’ts of Washing Clothes With Zippers

Dos and Don’ts of Washing Clothes With Zippers
April 8, 2022

Some people launder their clothes with the greatest care. Others get the job done as quickly as possible. Whatever your style, you should take a few simple steps to protect your clothes from zippers in the wash.

To avoid zippers getting damaged or snagging your clothes, follow this guide. Here are the dos and don’ts of washing clothes with zippers.

Do Zip It Up

Zipping up your clothes before putting them in the wash will protect the teeth so that the zipper continues to open and close easily. It will also protect the rest of the clothes in the wash since fabric can snag easily on an open zipper. So whether you have a zipper on pants, tops, or outerwear, zip it up before putting it in the washing machine.

Do Secure the Zipper With a Pin for Extra Measure

If you want to be sure that the zipper doesn’t come open during the wash cycle, you can take an extra step to secure it. Take a safety pin and push the pin through the hole in the metal pull of the zipper, then pin it through the fabric and close the safety pin.

This ensures the zipper stays perfectly closed throughout the wash. Painted zippers are more likely to chip off their color if the zipper moves around. Zippers can also scratch the inside of a front-loader washing machine door, so keeping the zipper still can protect your machine too. For all these reasons, securing the zipper is an important step in washing clothes with zippers.

Don’t Leave a Zippered Item in the Dryer

High heat from your dryer can ruin your zipper. Drying your clothes on a low heat setting or even line drying will help the zipper teeth keep their shape.

Be sure to take the zippered garment out of the dryer immediately after the cycle ends. Just as you straighten out clothes from the dryer to avoid wrinkles, straighten out the zipper so that it won’t dry with shifted teeth.

Don’t Throw Out Clothes With Messed Up Zippers

When zippers work, it’s easy to take them for granted. But the insertion pin, box, teeth, and pull can get damaged, twisted, or pulled off. And when that happens, the zipper becomes frustrating.

If this happens to you, you don’t have to throw that item away! Use our zipper repair kit to make your garment good as new. The FixnZip kit replaces damaged or missing sliders, repairs zippers that have come undone, fits a range of zipper sizes, and can repair metal and plastic zippers. This convenient repair kit can take care of your damaged zippers and help you hold on to your favorite garments, so get one today.

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