Easy Ways To Extend the Life of Your Zipper

Easy Ways To Extend the Life of Your Zipper
August 12, 2021

Zipper care isn’t always on the top of our minds. You likely don’t think about your zippers until they break. If you own expensive camping gear or marine equipment, though, you know how important it is to make sure your zippers work, so you don’t have to replace your gear. Here are easy ways to extend the life of your zipper so you can keep using your favorite items.

Clean Your Zipper

Cleaning your zipper will help it continue working. Especially if you use any outdoor equipment, you’ll want to clean the zippers after each use. Avoid dirt and grime from clogging the teeth of your zipper by cleaning it right away. Clogged zipper teeth may prevent the slide from gliding over the chain smoothly.

Lubricate Your Zipper

To protect your zipper and keep it in good shape, you should lubricate the teeth. Many common household items make good lubricants, such as granite pencils, Windex, and lip balm. Use a lubricant on your zipper before using your outdoor gear or to improve a rigid zipper.

Be Gentle With Zippers

Zippers are made of different materials, such as plastic and metal. Some are more durable than others. If your zipper isn’t working properly, don’t tug on it harshly because you might break it. You should always inspect the zipper for damage and try to repair it. If you tug too hard, you risk causing further damage like removing the pull tab or slide.

Repair Your Zipper

You can extend the life of your zipper and the item it’s attached to when you learn simple repair techniques. A common cause of a stuck zipper is threads wound in the teeth. Unwind or cut away these threads to improve the use of your zipper.

For more easy ways to extend the life of your zipper, you can keep a zipper replacement kit on hand. The FixNZip fits on any size zipper to replace the tab. Find one today!

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