How To Assemble Your Own Kit for Wardrobe Malfunctions

How To Assemble Your Own Kit for Wardrobe Malfunctions
April 27, 2022

Ideally, we would all go through life without experiencing a minor inconvenience. However, that dream usually shatters within the first five minutes of your day. One of the most common issues people have is an untimely wardrobe malfunction. But knowing how to assemble your own kit for wardrobe malfunctions can limit those embarrassing mishaps. Here’s an overview of what could go wrong and the tools you need to fix these problems.

Snag in Your Clothing – Snag Needle

Some quick needlework can repair your article of clothing. A loose thread on a sweater, pair of slacks, or jacket can be a harbinger of a larger problem ahead. All it takes is one errant move to cause a loose thread, and that thread can ruin the garment. You should include a snag needle in your kit to avoid this ordeal.

Stepping on Your Pants – Slingbackers

You feel fierce when you look in the mirror wearing a stylish pantsuit with strapped footwear. However, you may not realize that the hem of your pants will slide underneath your foot as you walk until it’s too late. Instead of pulling it out all day long, you can purchase Slingbackers to close that gap, ensuring that your pants flow down the back of your leg correctly.

Errant Strap & Twisting Skirt – Safety Pin

Wearing additional layers may lead to a loose strap having a mind of its own. While it shouldn’t be a big deal, it may distract others, especially if you give a presentation or have an intimate face-to-face conversation. Luckily, this fix doesn’t require you to have any special skills. It would be best to have a safety pin to keep your straps inside of whatever you’re wearing.

Another incident you’ll need a safety pin for is when a skirt twists as you walk. A scrunched skirt can happen from an ill-fitting waistband or carrying a handbag. Adding a pair of medium-sized pins to your waistband prevents that skirt from twisting.

Clingy Clothing – Static Spray or Hand Lotion

We all know what static electricity can do with clothes, especially when you’re folding laundry out of the dryer. Other than the random shocks, it can be annoying that your clothing sticks to you like you’re a magnet.

Clingy clothes are extremely bothersome when you wear them, making static spray essential for any kit. Although, if you don’t have spray handy, you can use hand cream and rub it on the parts of your body most affected by the clinginess.

Feeling Exposed – Tape

As Janet Jackson and many celebrities have shown, sometimes, it’s not easy to tuck things away. Certain outfits leave you more vulnerable than normal, so throwing some tape in your kit can prevent you from spilling out if you are flirting with disaster. If you want additional coverage, you can pack a neutral-colored camisole.

Food Stains – Baby Wipes & Stain Remover

Most extravagant parties have dinner or hors d’oeuvres to eat as you speak with other guests. Every bite increases your chances of spilling some food on your clothes, leaving an embarrassing stain. Even if you are extremely careful, it’s bound to happen eventually. Thus, always include baby wipes and stain remover in your kit. Baby wipes can help you in various ways, so you should have them for tasks beyond removing blemishes. The stain remover is a pricier option, but it erases any spills within the blink of an eye.

Chilly Morning – Nipple Pads

A drastic temperature change may cause a certain part of your body to peek through your clothing. To avoid being the center of unwanted attention, it’s worth having some nipple shields in your kit if you fall victim to a stiff breeze, especially when lacking the layers.

Hosiery Tears – Replacement Pair

Wearing hosiery leaves you susceptible to tears and rips when you least expect it, particularly when working in tight quarters under a desk. A swift turn or swivel could graze the edge of something, shredding your tights. Having a backup pair is essential if you wear hosiery because you don’t want to go all day with a giant hole showing.

Painful Blisters – Specialized Blister Pad

While this isn’t necessarily a malfunction, it’s worth having some blister support in your kit. Constantly being on your feet for your job may develop some blisters on the most sensitive parts of your foot. Everyone knows how painful that irritation can be, mainly when it rubs against your shoe. To prevent it from popping and wreaking more havoc, go into your kit and pull some blister pads to alleviate the pain.

Achy Feet – Slip-On Shoes

The odds are most people that wear heels have taken them off at one point in the night. You’ve certainly seen someone walking home with their heels in their hands. Rather than walking home barefoot or in shoes that give you unbearable pain, opt for a pair of foldable slip-ons. You don’t need to break the bank for a pair of these, and most retail stores have pairs for less than 20 bucks.

Fussy Zipper – Petroleum Jelly & Zipper Repair Kit

There are few things as frustrating as a faulty zipper. Whether it’s immovable or off to one side of the track, it’s a helpless feeling when it happens. Adding some petroleum jelly to your kit will help lubricate the most stubborn zipper sliders. You can also include a zipper repair kit for a sure-fire solution.

White Clothing – Chalk

Wearing white is always a risky decision. Even a dribble from a clear liquid can leave a noticeable impression on your clothing. Additionally, it can be next to impossible to rub out a stain on white attire. A quick and cheap hack is adding chalk to your kit. It’s not a long-term solution, but it helps you in a pinch to chalk out the spillage.

Wrinkly Attire – Mist Bottle

When you’re in a rush, you may have no other option than to grab a wrinkled shirt or pants. And wrinkled clothes give the appearance of someone who is unkempt. Once you get to your destination, take a quick detour to the restroom, grab the mist bottle from your emergency kit, and let it air dry. It’s not as effective as a steamer, but it works well when you’re under pressure.

That concludes the tutorial on how to assemble your own kit for wardrobe malfunctions. As you can see, many bad things can happen on any given day, specifically regarding what you’re wearing. Fortunately, FixnZip can help with some malfunctions with our zipper repair kits. Using one of our kits in a dire situation will assist you in getting that zipper working again!

How To Assemble Your Own Kit for Wardrobe Malfunctions
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