How To Differentiate Between Zipper Teeth Sizes

How To Differentiate Between Zipper Teeth Sizes
December 7, 2021

The color and quality of the fastener you place on your homemade jacket or dress suits the functionality and style. But have you considered how size affects the look of your piece? Knowing how to differentiate between zipper teeth sizes can elevate your fashion game and take your designs to new heights. Find out how to tell the difference between zipper sizes.

Measure Zipper Teeth

If you don’t know the size of a zipper, you can measure the teeth. While the fastener is closed, use a tape measure with millimeters to get the approximate measurement of the zipper.

Know Common Zipper Sizes

It’s helpful to know common zipper sizes before you measure one. Teeth sizes can range from 3mm to 35mm, depending on the material. Typically, the size zipper you’re using depends on what it’s for. For instance, you’ll find smaller zippers on pillows and purses and larger ones on tents and boat covers.

By material, the most common coil zipper sizes are #4.5, #5, and #10. VISLON zippers typically come in #5, #10, and #15. Metal zippers are different because the teeth are sewn directly into the chain, so they can come in more sizes.

Why Size Matters

Determining a zipper size is essential when making or repairing clothing. If you’re looking for zipper repair parts, you may need a chain that’s wide enough to fill the gap left by your old zipper. Further, if you’re replacing the slider, you’ll need one that fits over the teeth. The FixNZip is a universal placement tab that fits over any chain.

The size of your zipper changes the function and look of your item. Larger zippers tend to be easier to use, and they look striking on jackets and handbags. Once you know how to differentiate between zipper teeth sizes, you can start experimenting with where bigger or smaller ones work best. Keep outfits practical when you utilize zippers.

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