How To Fix a Zipper With the Slider on One Side of the Track

How To Fix a Zipper With the Slider on One Side of the Track
January 7, 2022

If there was a Hall of Fame for the most frustrating ordeals that can happen to you on any given day, having a broken zipper would receive a first-ballot induction. On the bright side, fixing the issue is possible with the right tools. Here is how to fix a zipper with the slider on one side of the track.

Give a Detailed Inspection

The first step of the process is so obvious that many people may forget it because they’re so frustrated about their broken zipper. Inspect the fastener and the track to see if the zipper is truly is off on one side of the track.

A thorough check may lead to other discoveries like bent or missing teeth. Once you find the source of the inconvenience, you know what you’ll need to do. Put something in place of the missing teeth, like masking tape, so the link can reconnect.

Grab Some Pliers

Pliers are your best friend when you’re trying to get the alignment where it needs to be. Grab your trusty set of pliers and make sure your grip is steady yet gentle. Open the sliders to expose the end of the tracks. Be careful, though—putting too much force on the slider will cause it to break or chip the paint, which will stop your repair process.

Align the Tracks

If you’re dealing with a wider slider, you should be able to put the tracks back on the mechanism. At this point, grab a fork and place the slider on the center throngs. Then, gently pull the fork up to get the slider on each side. If it isn’t moving smoothly, add some lubricant so the zipper can move easier.

Tighten the Slider

The final step is to ensure the sliders are secure and tight. Once it’s all reconnected, give a few tests to see if things are smooth as before. If they are, you are officially an expert. You’ll be a precious asset to all your friends and family when they inevitably have the same mishap.

Knowing how to fix a zipper with the slider on one side of the track will take patience before you can master it. However, once you can maneuver around any zipper sliders, the aggravation of an off-track clasp will no longer frustrate you! FixnZip has a zipper slider replacement for all your fastening items like coats, tents, suitcases, and more. Check out our shop today to find the answers to your problems.

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