How To Install a Slider Onto a Zipper Chain

How To Install a Slider Onto a Zipper Chain
December 8, 2021

Not all zippers are made the same. You’ll find that some are better quality than others, which is why you may need to know how to install a slider onto a zipper chain. If your zipper breaks, quickly repair it. Here are several ways to install a slider.

What Is a Slider?

Also known as a pull tab, a zipper slider is the piece that opens and closes the teeth of the zipper. It includes a body, bridge, and tab, which are typically made of the same material as the teeth. Without a slider, you can’t use your zipper, so they’re essential.

Continuous Zippers

You may need to add a slider to a zipper for a few different reasons. If you make your own clothes, you can purchase continuous zippers. You should cut your zipper to size before adding a slider.

Zipper Repair

You may need to repair your zipper if the slider becomes cracked or detached. Remove the existing slider before putting on a new one.

Slider Installation

There are multiple ways to attach a slider to a zipper. The easiest way is to leave both ends of the teeth together and slip the slider over both at the same time. If you’re using a non-locking zipper, you’ll need to separate the chain once you install the slider. Another option is to split the teeth and insert the slider one side at a time for a separating zipper.

One of the easiest ways to repair a zipper is with a zipper pull replacement kit. Use FixNZip to easily replace a broken slider on any zipper. Simply open the thumbscrew and slide the FixNZip over any portion of the teeth. Then, slide the other side of the chain into the slider and tighten the thumbscrew until it’s tight enough to close the teeth. Knowing how to install a slider onto a zipper chain can save you in a pinch!

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