How To Replace a Broken Backpack Zipper

How To Replace a Broken Backpack Zipper
June 28, 2021

Zippers are necessary on backpacks for security. If your backpack zipper isn’t working, your backpack becomes useless. Rather than throw it out, you might want to consider learning how to replace a broken backpack zipper. Zippers bust and jam for all sorts of different reasons, meaning they require different solutions. Keep reading to uncover a solution to all your broken zipper issues.

Put Tracks Back in the Slider

One of the most common broken zipper problems is the chain coming loose from the slider. If your zipper teeth fall out of the slider, try slipping the chain back inside. Sometimes, zipper slides can become loose, causing the chain to fall out. When this happens, your backpack won’t zip up.

Tighten Your Slider

You may need to tighten the slider on your backpack zipper for several reasons. If the chain falls out of the slider, you should tighten it once you put the zipper back together. Additionally, you may need to tighten the slider if your backpack zipper is separating. If this doesn’t work, replacing your backpack zipper might be the best solution.

Replace Your Slider

The reason you need a replacement backpack zipper could be the result of more serious damages. Your zipper could break so badly that you need to replace part of it. If your backpack zipper is busted, and you can’t use the pull or the slide, you may need a zipper head replacement. For instance, if threads or corrosion cause the slide to stick, you may need a new zipper slide and pull tab. You could use a needle and thread to replace your zipper or try an easier no-sew solution.

Replace your broken zipper with a FixNZip replacement piece. You can take a FixNZip with you anywhere just in case the zipper suddenly breaks on your backpack, tent, or jacket. Simply loosen the thumbscrew and attach it to your zipper chain. Tighten the thumbscrew, and then you can start using it like a normal zipper slider. You’ll never worry about how to replace a broken backpack zipper again. Visit our online store to get a FixNZip zipper head replacement today.

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