How To Replace the Zipper On a Luggage Bag

How To Replace the Zipper On a Luggage Bag
August 30, 2021

While packing your bags for an extended vacation, you struggle to close your suitcase and the zipper breaks. It’s bad timing because you leave tomorrow and don’t have time to buy a new bag. Luckily, you can fix the zipper just in time. Find out how to replace the zipper on a luggage bag and discover ways to make zipper repair easier in the future.

Inspect Your Zipper

Before you decide to replace the zipper on your luggage, inspect the slide and teeth. Zippers can become stuck for a myriad of reasons. Remove any threads or fabric from the zipper and clean away any dirt. To work correctly, your zipper shouldn’t be missing any teeth or have any broken pieces.

Use Pliers

If you must replace the slide on your zipper, you’ll likely need pliers. To replace a traditional slide, use pliers to loosen its grip on the teeth until you can slide it off. Next, you can place a new zipper slide on the teeth and use the pliers to tighten it. Keep in mind, you'll have to find the exact zipper size, and zipper type (coil, plastic tooth, or metal tooth) as the original slider, otherwise it won't work. Also, taking a pair of pliers to the original zipper and slider runs the risk of damaging the zipper teeth beyond repair.

Replace Your Slider With FixnZip

Another zipper head replacement option is to use a FixNZip. This universal device fits on any zipper and is easy to use. You don’t need pliers or a sewing kit to replace a zipper when you have a FixnZip, and it's cheaper than having a new zipper professionally installed. Simply loosen the thumbscrew and slide it over the zipper teeth. Next, tighten the device so that it glides over the teeth like a proper slide. You can also check out the video below to see how the FixnZip works and how to install it.

A FixNZip allows you to make zipper repairs on the go. If your luggage breaks while at the airport or anywhere else along your travels, you can fix it right away with this unique tool. Don’t throw out perfectly good luggage just because the zipper is busted! Knowing how to replace the zipper on a luggage bag is key to extending the lifespan of your most essential items.

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