Maintaining and Repairing a Scuba Drysuit Zipper

Maintaining and Repairing a Scuba Drysuit Zipper
November 2, 2022

When scuba diving, you generally wear a wetsuit. However, a drysuit is a safe and preferable option in colder waters. A drysuit's specific material and structure work to insulate your body heat and create a tight seal so that you don't get wet, even in water.

Naturally, you want to take good care of your drysuit so that it can continue to perform these specialized functions. FixnZip is here with helpful tips for maintaining and repairing a scuba drysuit zipper so you can get the most out of your equipment.

Apply Zipper Wax

It's always a good idea to apply wax to the zippers of your drysuit before pulling them up. Wax helps ensure the zipper glides with little resistance. Remember only to apply wax to the outer parts of the zipper so that it doesn't interfere with the sealing setup of the interior. After applying the wax, pull the zipper slowly and gently, and unzip the suit only when necessary.

After Your Dive

Part of maintaining and repairing a scuba drysuit zipper is knowing when to apply the necessary steps. After your dive, remove the drysuit and lay it out flat on a table with the zipper undone. Take a small, soft-bristled brush and go over the exterior of the zipper to clean out sand, dirt, and salt.

Proper Storage

With many garments, you zip them up before storing them. You should move a drysuit’s zipper as little as possible. We advise you to leave it open but maintain a straight shape. Use an airtight bag to store your drysuit and prevent exposing the zipper to moisture in the air and causing corrosion.

For more information on zipper parts, tips, and tricks for zipper care on all your clothing, gear, and equipment, FixnZip has what you need. Browse through our blog for more information, or contact one of our specialists today to find the right parts for you.

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