Open End Zippers

Open End Zippers are most often found on jackets and sleeping bags. These zippers can be completely detached from one another and are incredibly simple to fix using the FixNZip Replacement Zipper Slider.
Step 1: The screw on the FixNZip Slider should be towards the outside of the item.
Step 2: Loosen the screw on the slider.
Step 3 : Slip the slider over one row of zipper teeth.
Step 4: Place slider close to zipper box. Tighten the screw all the way down, then loosen 1/4 turn.
Step 5: The slider should now be tightly secured to one row of teeth, like you would find on an unzipped jacket.
Step 6: Insert the zipper pin into the slider and zip up the jacket.

For help getting the teeth to engage, click here.
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