Repair or Replace? How To Assess Your Older Clothes

Repair or Replace? How To Assess Your Older Clothes
August 9, 2022

Undoubtedly, everyone has a pile of clothes in their closet or dresses that hasn’t seen the light of day in weeks, if not years. Rather than allowing it to collect dust and take up space, maybe it’s time to reevaluate things and make tough decisions. When assessing your older clothes, deciding whether to repair or replace them can be difficult. So, let’s go through the thought process for each decision.

The Case for Repairing

There are many reasons why someone opts to repair their older clothes. You can’t put a price on sentimental value, so that could carry more weight than the cost of the job. When making a pros and cons list, you can see if the following reasons why repairing is the correct decision apply to your situation.

It’s a Basic Repair

Sewing skills come in handy when you must repair a small tear in a garment, add a button, or put on a new zipper. If you’re not confident in your capabilities, you can become a student of YouTube. The tutorial videos there will guide you through clear step-by-step demonstrations and explanations. Plus, acquiring such skills will be useful for any other textiles that have imperfections now or down the line.

You Save Money

While the opportunity cost doesn’t have a monetary value, the real dollars and cents play a significant role in your decision-making. The average costs of alterations and repairs are between $20 to $50 per item. When the repairs are substantially less expensive than what it would cost to buy something new, it makes sense to repair a clothing item.

You Know a Tailor

Living in a populous city makes you more likely to find a tailor. Thus, you can help a small business by bringing in your damaged goods and letting the tailor work their magic. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.

You Want To Give It New Life

There could be several reasons you no longer want to wear the clothing item in question. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean it no longer has a purpose. You could upcycle it to make something better.

Upcycling repurposes your garments and turns them into unique items near and dear to your heart. To begin, don’t start with an elaborate project. Keep it simple and use something you don’t want to wear again, such as a ratty t-shirt.

Let your imagination run wild from there. Doing so will help you create something from nothing that can show off your personality. There’s no limit to what you can do when upcycling clothes, considering you can do some of the following projects:

  • Making a blanket out of old t-shirts
  • Creating a handbag from durable discarded material like jeans
  • Forming a knit hat from an old sweater
  • Putting together a children’s sleeping bag from an old pillowcase

Why Should You Replace It?

Tucking away flawed clothing is typical in most people’s closets. Instead of keeping it there to take up space for items you want to wear, consider giving it the good old heave-ho if it falls into one of the following categories.

You Don’t Wear It Anymore

The most obvious sign that you should replace the item is that you no longer wear it. There are probably several reasons why you buried the clothing article in your closest, so let it go to let your new items in. Stop delaying the inevitable and toss clothes you aren’t going to wear. It will save time when you next go through your wardrobe.

It’s No Longer Trendy

Fashion trends come and go like clockwork, making some wardrobe choices from the past seem questionable now. If you have a jacket that looks like something a character from That 70’s Show would don, and that’s not your style, you may want to get rid of it and bring trendier clothes into your life.

You Feel Uncomfortable

If you’re sighing and grunting with every movement because your pants are riding up on you or the fabric is making you itch, then there’s no hope for this garb in the future.

Your Clothes No Longer Have Sentimental Value

It’s easy to fall victim to your emotions when you’re going through your things. You could find a t-shirt of your first concert, a TV show you used to love, or one of those ironic shirts that give you a chuckle.

Regardless of their sentimental value, they may have no use for you now. Sentimental items are perfect for upcycling if you feel so inclined. But if arts and crafts aren’t your jam, then an emotional sendoff is in order.

It No Longer Fits You

Weight fluctuations are common, even for the most adamant workout warriors, so many folks are prone to keep clothes that accommodate their various body sizes. Ditching your old clothes might even provide the motivation you need to fit into those items again. But if you know that isn’t in the cards in your future, then there’s no point in keeping them around.

It Takes Too Much Time

Even if a repair is easy for you to complete, it could still be a process that takes quite a bit of effort to finish. Weighing the opportunity costs of the time it will take to repair your items and to replace them provides insight into the best course of action.

Some items aren’t worth repairing. The odds are that low-cost, dime-a-dozen garments will rip easily. So it’s a mistake to spend time fixing them in the first place. But it may be worth spending the extra time restoring costly apparel with high-quality construction.

What Side Are You On?

Assessing your older clothes and deciding if you should repair or replace them can be an enjoyable experience. It can take you on tour down memory lane and free up some much-needed space so that you can include wardrobe selections that you appreciate and use more.

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Repair or Replace? How To Assess Your Older Clothes
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