Simple Guide on How To Fix a Boot Zipper

Simple Guide on How To Fix a Boot Zipper
February 10, 2022

It’s a pain when the zipper on your footwear breaks. That snug feeling around your foot is no longer possible, putting you in danger of rolling your ankle when you least expect it. Follow this simple guide on how to fix a boot zipper before you buy a new pair.

Inspect the Pull for Damage

The first and most significant step is determining the full extent of the damage to your boot zipper.  If the harm is minimal, you should repair it manually. Otherwise, if you see extensive damage that you cannot fix yourself, visit a cobbler for professional repairs.

Straighten & Clean

Your zipper parted because a tooth didn’t match up somewhere along the way. To fix the problem, you’ll need to unzip the zipper to slightly below that spot. When you run into difficulties, suppress the desire to force the zipper down. Doing so might cause the teeth to distort or crack beyond correction. Instead, carefully wiggle, rotate, and yank it on one side.

Apply Wax

Now it’s time to wax the zipper’s teeth. Go ahead and make your way into the crevices and the fastener itself. Slowly slide the zipper to and fro, making sure that all of the teeth are gripping. If you run into difficulties, reverse the zip, reapply a little more wax, and begin again. Once it’s back to normal, you can remove any remaining wax.

Alternate Method

If the Karate Kid wax-on, wax-off method doesn’t do the trick, there are alternative ways to fix a boot zipper. You can use pliers to disassemble the stopper. Once the stopper is free, remove the slider and manually connect the fastener. Once again, grab the pliers and get the teeth to interlock. This is a delicate procedure, so you’ll need dainty pliers to do the job.

At this stage, inspect and remove any teeth that may be blocking the zipper from traveling smoothly. Then, load the slider by gliding it onto the two ends of the zipper. Finally, reinstall and secure the stopper. But be careful because too much force could end up breaking the stopper.

And there’s our simple guide on how to fix a boot zipper. If you need a zipper pull replacement, be sure to check FixnZip’s store; it’s your one-stop shop for all things zippers. Additionally, you can check out our other posts offering advice on how to correct broken zippers on all your other garments.

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