Tips for Selecting the Right Zippers for Your Garments

Tips for Selecting the Right Zippers for Your Garments
July 28, 2022

As we subconsciously zip our jacket, pants fly, or dress, it's easy to assume that all zippers are the same. However, that couldn't be further from the truth. There are several zippers in different shapes and sizes one must consider. Following these tips for selecting the right zippers for your garments helps guide you in the right direction.

What Are You Working On?

Before gathering your materials for your project, you should assess what item is getting the zipper. Your selection may vary based on if it's a shirt, dress, pillow, luggage, or backpack. It's wise to view each alternative and decide if it pairs well with your item. Ideally, doing this in person assures that you have the perfect match, but it might be challenging to find the precise zipper you want in a store.

Determine the Size

When shopping for something, finding the dream item but not having it in your size can be aggravating. The same can happen with your zipper selection. Even if you find the right style and material, you have a problem if the size is incorrect. Doing this first helps you bypass any frustration when you are looking for one and then sew it on.

Got Some Teeth?

Another key factor to consider when cutting down your zipper decision is the kind of teeth on the fastener. You'll know what teeth you want depending on the item it demands. For example, you'll want smaller teeth if it's something delicate and small. On the contrary, something larger that requires a more robust zip needs larger and stronger teeth. 

Various Types of Zippers

You can finally pick the zipper you desire by determining the correct size and teeth needed for the project. You can choose from six zippers: separating, two-way open-ended, invisible, continuous, coil, and chain.

Chain is the standard of the six. It can have metal or plastic teeth. Coil zippers consist of polyester or nylon coil. Continuous zippers are, as the name implies, one giant zipper of continuous length.

Also, as the name implies, an invisible zipper has no stitching visible to the naked eye. They have very small teeth to conceal that a zipper is even there. Separating zippers are standard in jackets, hoodies, and coats. And two-way open-ended zippers are like separating zippers, but they can go both ways.

These tips for selecting the right zippers for your project should yield promising results. If you have an error in your methods and need a zipper repair kit, Fixnzip has you covered. Fixnzip's kit helps you replace damaged sliders, repair mangled zippers, and fit a wide range of sizes. Please read over our FAQ page if you have a concern to see if there's an answer, or contact us directly if you're still struggling. We'd love to help.

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