What Is Zipper Puckering and How Do You Fix It?

What Is Zipper Puckering and How Do You Fix It?
May 2, 2023

Do you ever put on your favorite skirt or jacket and find an abnormal curvature in the zipper that sticks out? This oddly shaped extension is, at best, unsightly and, at worst, physically uncomfortable. There are a few different names for this phenomenon, but typically, it’s called puckering. Today, we’re going to look at what zipper puckering is and how you can fix it.

What Is Zipper Puckering?

Zipper puckering, sometimes known as bulging, is when your zipper curves or bends on a garment or bag in a way that causes it to stick out in a small bump or wrinkle. This bulge looks sloppy, improper, and peculiar on many pieces of clothing. In some situations, the areas where your zipper puckers may pinch or cling to your body in a physically uncomfortable manner. Either way, it’s not something you typically want to have on your clothes.

What Causes Zipper Puckering?

Many things can result in zipper puckering, and some are easier to avoid than others. One of the most common causes you often see on zip-up sweatshirts is that the front zipper undulates and curves. The usual reason for this is during the cleaning process, the fabric shrinks slightly in such a way that the zipper needs to curve to accommodate the smaller frame. Other common causes are zipper teeth becoming misaligned and requiring some form of adjustment.

How To Fix Zipper Puckering

Now that you know what zipper puckering is, you may be wondering how you fix it. The way to fix the puckering may depend on what caused it in the first place. One common option is to carefully go over your zipper with a brush and clean out any dirt or debris. Bunched-up gunk can cause zipper bulging and mess with your slider. If your teeth are misaligned, take a pair of needle-nose pliers and try and straighten them out. If the bulge is from shrunk fabric, you may be able to gently soak your garment in warm water for half an hour and let your clothes air dry on a flat surface. In more severe situations, you may need to replace the entire zipper.

For more tips on how to fix a zipper or how to replace the slider, FixnZip is here for all your fastener needs. We have replacement sliders for all available zipper sizes and many helpful guides to ensure that your clothes, bags, and other needs are accounted for. To learn more, please feel free to contact us anytime, and an associate will be happy to assist you.

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