What Makes an Invisible Zipper Invisible?

What Makes an Invisible Zipper Invisible?
December 7, 2021

Invisible zippers are essential for all sorts of reasons. They exist on your favorite dresses, backpacks, and other quality items. A hidden zipper allows for function without sacrificing style, but how do they work? Find out what makes an invisible zipper invisible.

What Is an Invisible Zipper?

Invisible zippers are specific types of zippers that you can’t see on clothing. They typically have a plastic coil to allow for flexibility and stability. At best, you might see a seam where an invisible zipper is hiding.

How To Sew an Invisible Zipper

When you separate invisible zippers, you’ll notice that the teeth fold in toward the fabric. This characteristic is what helps make them invisible, as it prevents the zipper from showing. Since they coil in, you need to iron the zipper before sewing it onto a garment. Further, you must line the zipper pieces up with your edge to ensure they attach but don’t show.

Creating a DIY Invisible Zipper

If you don’t have an invisible zipper, you can create one. By making a lap, pocket, or fly front, you can conceal the zipper with the fabric of your garment. This makeshift invisible zipper has the same effect as an actual one.

Uses for Invisible Zippers

Invisible zippers are necessary for several reasons. Clothing manufacturers hide them for style. Certain outfits require zippers but look better without them. Furthermore, some items require hidden zippers so that the fasteners don’t get wet. For instance, high-quality camping equipment and marine gear may feature invisible zippers so that they’re more likely to stay clean.

Even the nicest zippers can separate and jam. Especially with high-quality items, it’s smart to keep a zipper replacement kit on hand. Knowing what makes an invisible zipper invisible is important if you own waterproof gear. It may be critical to the function of your equipment. Keep your zippers in good shape to maintain the integrity of your clothing, backpacks, and more.

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