What To Do When Your Suitcase Zipper Breaks

What To Do When Your Suitcase Zipper Breaks
February 21, 2023

Zippers allow you to quickly and securely close your suitcase. They have just one downside: it's common for them to get stuck or break. Nothing's more frustrating than fighting a zipper when you're in a rush to make it to the airport or your destination. Fortunately, we have the answers on what to do when your suitcase zipper breaks. Read below for quick, temporary repairs you can use on the fly and advice on replacing your zipper.

Try To Repair It

The good news is that you can usually repair your malfunctioning zipper. Use zipper pliers to straighten misaligned or crooked teeth if your zipper separates. Then, realign the plates. If your zipper is stuck, check for loose thread in the teeth. You can use tweezers to remove it. Alternatively, you can use a graphite pencil or wax to lubricate the teeth and help the zipper glide along the track.

Keep in mind that repair is often a temporary solution. Using pliers or other forceful methods to fix your zipper can result in further wear and tear that leads to repeated breakage down the line.

Replace It

In some situations, quick fixes won't do the trick. What should you do when your suitcase zipper is badly broken? You'll likely need to purchase and install a replacement zipper if the teeth separate, the slider comes off, or the zipper falls off the track.

Luckily, replacement zippers—and the tools you need to attach them—are readily available and relatively cheap. Scouring the internet or your local craft store for each part and tool can eat up a lot of time, as can meticulously sewing and plying your new zipper into place. Is there an easier solution?

Use the FixnZip®

FixnZip's zipper repair kits allow you to handle any zipper repair emergency gracefully. You can use our innovative zipper pull replacement to fix broken zippers without tools or sewing. The FixnZip® works on nylon coils, plastic teeth, and metal teeth and fits a wide range of zipper sizes so you can effortlessly repair your suitcase on the go. Purchase your kit today or contact us to learn more about how our product works.

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