What To Include in Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

What To Include in Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit
February 1, 2023

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life. It’s a special opportunity to connect your life with another person’s and start a brand-new chapter. Unfortunately, the larger the event, the more likely it is that small problems will arise. To stay on the ball and stop those little issues in their tracks, here’s a helpful list of what to include in your wedding day emergency kit.

Toiletry Bag

A wedding day emergency kit should always contain a small toiletry bag. Fill these bags with deodorant, travel toothbrushes and toothpaste, floss picks, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, cotton swabs, lotion, baby powder, or other essentials. If you have extra room, we recommend packing some light medicinal items like headache medicine or adhesive bandages.

Sewing Kit

When looking at what to include in your wedding day emergency kit, you can’t go wrong with a miniature sewing kit. A small variety of thread and needles allow you to make any quick touch-ups. Your kit should also contain fasteners like safety pins and replacement zipper slides.

One tip with a sewing kit is that you can use a safety pin and a small string or ribbon as a makeshift pulley for your zipper. That way, you can zip up your dress without damaging it in the rare event no one is around to help you.

Backup Jewelry

Having a few backups jewelry pieces may not seem essential, especially if you already have some of your favorite jewelry picked out for your big day. It never hurts to have some extras, though, in case an earring breaks or clashes with your overall look.

Dress Weight

Dress weights are something to consider if you’re having an outdoor ceremony. These weights serve the valuable purpose of sticking to the inside of your dress and preventing any awkward mishaps if the wind decides to pick up. It may be smart to have a few of these on hand for you and your bridesmaids.

Emergency Snacks

You want to get everything ready ahead of time, but while you’re waiting for the ceremony to start, your stomach might start making a familiar rumble. To avoid getting hangry, keep some rations in your wedding emergency kit. You may want to avoid snacks that create crumbs or cheese dust, so stick to things like protein bars or jerky.

When you’re putting together your wedding day emergency kit and need some replacement zipper pulls for your sewing kit, FixnZip is here for you. We have helpful blogs that will teach you how to take care of your dresses and garments, and specialists are available anytime. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions, comments, or concerns.

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