What To Know About Repairing Waterproof Zippers

What To Know About Repairing Waterproof Zippers
September 8, 2022

With many devices, manufacturers go the extra mile to waterproof their zippers. Objects like raincoats, tents, luggage, and other items that benefit from keeping dry often utilize waterproof zippers. But how are these zippers different, and what do you need to know about repairing waterproof zippers? FixnZip has the answers for you.

Identifying Waterproof Zippers

Waterproof zippers have a few differences from most standard fasteners. These zippers typically utilize materials other than metal, such as PVC or other similar polymers. Many metal waterproof zippers have a protective coating made of wax, resin, or other materials to create a barrier.

The construction of the zipper may also differ. With waterproof zippers, the teeth and slider are often invisible when closed. This covering allows the exterior fabric to provide additional protection to the zipper and reduces exposure to water. However, this may make things slightly harder to access when making repairs, so be aware.

How Parts Differ

Aside from having additional protection over the top, many waterproof or water-resistant zippers have tape qualities that are crucial to be aware of. One thing to know about repairing waterproof zippers is that the construction might differ slightly from zippers on other devices. To create a tighter bond that keeps water out, the slider is on the opposite side of the tape from the teeth or chain. This adds an extra layer of protection but means you need to be careful about where you put a replacement slider.

Caring for Waterproof Zippers

Repairing a waterproof zipper involves removing the stoppers and replacing the slider correctly before using pliers or similar tools to install a new one. When dealing with garments or other items utilizing waterproof zippers, we do have a few suggestions for keeping them in good condition. Avoiding intense heat from washing in hot water or ironing prevents damage to the polymer material or any protective coating.

If you have a tent or jacket with a waterproof zipper, it’s only natural you want to keep it in good working condition so you’re not stuck in the rain. For any information on replacement zipper pulls and how to install them, the experts at FixnZip have everything you need to get things started. Stay dry and contact us today for more details.

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