3 Fast Fixes for Public Zipper Emergencies

3 Fast Fixes for Public Zipper Emergencies
June 21, 2022

One of the most helpful fashion tips you could ever acquire is learning how to repair a zipper. This is because practically every dress, coat, skirt, and pair of pants in your closet has one. However, zippers can also cause problems, especially if you're out in public without access to household tools. Therefore, these fast fixes for public zipper emergencies may come in handy. 

Coating of Clear Nail Polish

The anxiety of someone seeing you with your fly down is enough to be on edge all day, making it difficult to focus on daily tasks. While there are some preventive measures you can take to keep your fly from unzipping, sometimes the unthinkable happens. Luckily, a few quick fixes help resolve the issue at hand.

The most effective but least convenient way of handling your stubborn zipper is to grab a pair of pliers and put the fastener's teeth back in position. Considering most folks don't have a pair of pliers they can use on a whim, you may need to use an alternative, albeit unique, method.

Your fly might not stay up because it's wearing down from constant use. If that’s the case, you can use clear nail polish, paint a few coats on the teeth, and watch the magic happen. The clear polish should thicken the teeth, preventing the fastener from having a mind of its own.

Keep It Clipped

If you coated your zipper like you were painting a portrait, and it still won't stay up, you can move to plan B. This approach consists of finding any means necessary to keep the zipper fastened until you can completely replace it.

Thus, you can use a paper clip or safety pin to keep it from dropping down. Since both are standard office or school supplies, you can rough it out until you get to your destination. Then, you can head to the restroom to put one of them through the hole on the zipper slider.

Pencil or Vaseline as a Lubricant

If your zipper won't budge, that's an entirely different situation that requires a whole new set of innovative solutions. There are a variety of ways to unstick a zipper that’s jammed. One is using a pencil to coat the teeth with its graphite tip. The graphite should act as a lubricant, causing it to run smoothly.

Another way to loosen up a zipper that's dead in its tracks is using Vaseline. Instead of putting some on your finger and spreading it, dab a cotton swab into the jar and apply it. Using too much may cause the gunk to stick in the crevices.

Trying one of these fast fixes if you experience a public zipper emergency may sound strange, but they work like a charm. To permanently repair your troubled zipper, you should try FixnZip to replace a broken fastener. FixnZip works on plastic and metal teeth, so there isn't a piece of clothing or equipment it can't handle. Check out our “How To” page for more specifics.

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