Fixing an Invisible Zipper

An invisible zipper is one you can’t see. They are popular for more reasons than that they hinder your view of the coil. These unique fasteners are also water resistant, which makes them ideal for tents, backpacks, and marine gear. There’s an easy way to repair these items if they break. You can use a repair kit to fix an invisible zipper in a matter of minutes. Follow these instructions to learn how to fix an invisible zipper with the FixnZip:
Step 1: Determine if you have an invisible/watertight zipper.
Step 2: When applying the FixNZip slider to invisible/watertight zippers, the thumbscrew should face the inside of the item.
Step 3: Use the additional slot on the underside of the slider to attach the cord pull or a key ring pull since invisible zippers are upside down.
Step 4: Depending on whether you’re trying to fix an invisible zipper with an open or closed end will determine what you do next. Follow our step-by-step instructions for how to attach a FixnZip (see below).

Instructions for Open-End Zippers  |  Instructions for Closed-End Zippers
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