How To Repair a Zipper That Doesn’t Close the Teeth

How To Repair a Zipper That Doesn’t Close the Teeth
December 28, 2021

You may occasionally run into another broken zipper. No one wants to replace a new tent or favorite jacket whenever the zipper stops working. Knowing how to repair a zipper that doesn’t close the teeth can save you money and stress. Find out why zippers break and how to fix them.

Stuck Zippers

Your zipper may not close if it becomes stuck. Getting your slider to move over a stuck zipper may require some maintenance. First, you should inspect the teeth to see if anything has become caught in them. Sometimes, loose threads or fabric may get into your fastener. Further, grime or dirt in the teeth can also cause an issue. But it’s possible to unstick a zipper that’s jammed. You should clean the zipper and grease the teeth so that the slider glides easily. 

Loose Slider

Your zipper may not close properly if the slider is loose. A slider may loosen over time due to wear and tear. To fix it, use pliers to pinch the slider until it’s tight enough for the zipper to work. Be careful not to pinch it too tightly, though. Otherwise, it will become stuck.

Broken Teeth

Missing or broken zipper teeth can prevent your fastener from working. In this case, you may need to replace the entire zipper with a repair kit. While you can use pliers to put bent teeth back in place, you’ll need a new chair if the teeth are altogether missing.

Broken Slider

The most important element to any zipper is the slider. You need something to pinch the teeth together to engage the mechanism. Using your hands won’t work. If your slider breaks, it may be challenging to use it to close the teeth. Whether due to wear and tear or an accident, your slider may lose its pull. Or it may crack. While you can attach a piece of twine or rope to your slider to replace the pull, you’ll need a zipper pull replacement piece if the entire slider has become damaged.

Can your zipper be repaired? Use a FixnZip when you don’t know how to repair a zipper that doesn’t close the teeth. With this replacement piece, you use a thumbscrew to customize the tightness of the slide. Stop throwing away broken jackets and backpacks and repair them with the FixnZip. 

Check out our “How To” page or the video below for more specifics on repairing zippers.  

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