How To Tell Whether a Broken Zipper Can Be Repaired

How To Tell Whether a Broken Zipper Can Be Repaired
July 22, 2021

No matter the cause of zipper failure, finding out that the zipper on your favorite item is broken doesn’t have to mean throwing it away. You may be able to repair a broken zipper with the right tools. Depending on the condition of the zipper, you can perform simple tricks to get it working again. Know how to tell whether a broken zipper can be repaired to avoid replacing or throwing out items altogether. 

Inspect the Slider

To find out if you can repair your zipper, you must inspect the slider. Check for damage that may cause it to fall off, such as corrosion or missing sections. If your slider is irreparable, you can use a zipper pull tab replacement. Using a FixNZip is the easiest way to replace any broken zipper. You may be able to repair your broken zipper yourself, though.

Lubricate the Teeth

If your slider is stuck, you can lubricate the teeth to help it slide better. Use a granite pencil, wax, Windex, or another common option to lubricate the zipper on the teeth and slide. 

Pinch the Slider

The slide on your zipper can become loose over time. You may notice this if your zipper teeth separate after you pull up the tab or if the slide jiggles on the chain. Use pilers to pinch your slider back onto the chain.

Pro Tip: Do not pinch the slider too tightly! You want to ensure you can still move the slider along the zipper track.

Check the Insertion Box and Stops

Other pieces that may be broken or missing from your zipper are the insertion box or stops. These pieces prevent the slider from falling off the chain. For instance, if you are using your jacket, and the slider comes off, you may need to replace a top or bottom stop. If you are having trouble starting your zipper, you may have a damaged pin or box that needs to be replaced.

Knowing how to tell whether a broken zipper can be repaired will save you money and stress. A zipper can break at anytime if you don’t take good care of it. Keep a FixNZip on hand for all your wardrobe malfunctions and other zipper repair needs. Shop online to find one today.

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