Understanding the Main Causes of Zipper Failure

Understanding the Main Causes of Zipper Failure
June 8, 2021

The last thing you want to deal with is a broken pull tab or stuck slide, which is why knowing how to replace a zipper on your jacket or fix a broken tent zipper is so crucial. Understanding the main causes of zipper failure can help you avoid common zipper accidents and extend the lifespan of your items that have zippers. Keep reading to find out what to do if you have a broken zipper. 

Separating Teeth

One of the worst zipper problems is when the slide won’t close the teeth of your zipper. It could be caused by the teeth being bent out of shape or something being stuck in them. Or, it could be caused by the slider. If your slider is too loose to close your zipper, you can use pliers to pinch it back together.

The Pull Is Coming Off the Slider

Another potential zipper problem occurs when the pull comes off the slider. If your slider is missing its pull, it’s likely old. Perhaps the zipper is corroded or made from cheap materials. Furthermore, you may have tugged on the pull too hard and caused it to fall off.

The Slide Is Coming Off the Track

Due to wear and tear, the entire slide may come off the track. If your zipper is old or made from cheap material, it’s more likely to break. For instance, plastic won’t hold up as well as metal.

Slider Getting Stuck

Another common zipper failure is the slider getting stuck in the tape. You should inspect the zipper to see if something is stuck in the teeth. A stuck zipper could also mean that the teeth are bent out of shape or that your zipper has missing or broken teeth.

Fixing Your Zipper

Zipper repair hasn’t always been simple if you aren’t skilled with a needle and thread. Today, if you experience a broken zipper, you can attach a FixNZip zipper pull tab replacement. The universal zipper alternative works in a pinch. You simply attach it to your zipper and use it as a regular slider. While understanding the main causes of zipper failure can help you avoid a broken one, the FixNZip is available for when life happens. Shop our online store to get yours today.

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