Zipper 101: Why and How Do Zippers Split

Zipper 101: Why and How Do Zippers Split
February 7, 2022

It can happen to anyone—while zipping your backpack, you overfill it, and the zipper splits. Or maybe your jacket zipper is splitting due to wear and tear. You don’t have to get rid of these items if you learn how to repair them. Find out why and how zippers split so that you can figure out how to fix your next broken zipper. 

Reasons Zippers Separate

The fastener on your jacket, backpack, or another item may split for several reasons. There are a variety of causes for zipper failure. The most likely reason is that the slide is loose and unable to close the teeth anymore. Another possibility is that the teeth are out of line and won’t latch together.  

Should You Fix Your Slider With Pliers?

A common solution to fixing your zipper is to use pliers to tighten the slide. If your zipper is separating, try pressing the slide together on the chain. Don’t make it so tight that it won’t glide. Make small adjustments until the slide is tight enough to fasten the teeth. This solution is often a temporary fix, and only in case of emergency. After tightening the slider, it often becomes loose again, until eventually the slider is unusable. By using pliers, you also run the risk damaging the zipper teeth (making the issue worse) or damaging the slider.

Realign Your Zipper Teeth

Inspect your zipper for missing or crooked teeth. Use pliers to realign any out-of-place zipper teeth. Once they are straight, try using your zipper again. Continue to align the teeth and remove any threads until the slider glides smoothly. This solution carries the same risk and warning as the previous solution. Taking a pair of pliers to your zipper can damage it, and possibly make the original problem worse.

Attach a New Slide with FixnZip

If you can’t repair your current slider or it falls off, use an easy replacement zipper to fix your item. Attach a FixNZip to your bag or jacket to easily replace the slider and start using your item again (see video below). The FixnZip is easy to use and fits on any size zipper. Check our How To page for more information. You don't need to be a DIY expert to use the FixnZip. It goes on without tools or sewing, making it the best zipper repair kit on the market. It's also significantly cheaper than paying to have the old zipper torn out, and a new one sewn in.

Once you know why and how zippers split, you’ll know how to fix them. You can save money by mending your items rather than buying new ones when they break. A luggage or wardrobe malfunction can occur at any time. Be prepared with the right tools to solve the problem. Keep the FixnZip around to help fix all your broken zippers. Shop online to find yours today. 

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