Find Your Zipper Sizes - FixnZip

Find Your Zipper Size

Before you order the FixnZip®, you should determine your zipper sizes.



Start by checking the back of your broken zipper slider; most zippers have a size number (1-10) embossed on the back of the slider. Once you know your zipper size, our sizing chart below will determine which FixnZip® is right for you.

Small:  Sizes 1-4
Examples: pants, skirts, fine garments, cushions, clutch handbags

Medium: Sizes 5-7
Examples: jackets, sleeping bags, tents, purses, duffel bags, golf bags

Large: Sizes 8-10
Examples: wetsuits, boat covers, canvas tents, heavy duty clothing, jeep windows

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Measure Your Zipper

If your zipper doesn’t have a number on the back, you can simply measure the
width of the zipper teeth in millimeters or inches.

Teeth/Coil Width
1 to 4.5 mm  |  0.04 to 0.18 in = Small
5 to 7.5 mm  |  0.19 to 0.30 in = Medium
8 to 10 mm  |  0.31 to 0.40 in = Large


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