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replace broken zippers with FixnZip
August 6, 2015

We all have a favorite jacket, hoodie, or fleece. The one that fits like a glove or provides just the right amount of warmth or has a hood that actually shields your face from the rain. The coat your hand automatically reaches for on your way out the door. You’re probably imagining it now, feeling its warm embrace wrapping you up in a comforting hug. You’ve been through so much together. Adventures, relationships, the mundane tasks of everyday life. And then one day, a broken zipper.

That’s when the denial starts. You probably never really used the zipper, right? Maybe you can just hold it closed. After the wind whips your jacket out of your hands and your shirt gets soaked with rain, you move on to anger. How could this happen? It’s your favorite jacket! Why couldn’t the zipper break on that neon ‘80s monstrosity your grandma gave you last Christmas? Then you start to bargain. You promise you’ll eat more kale if you can just get your jacket zipper to work again. And finally, acceptance. That’s it. The jacket is no good without the zipper. You just need to let it go.

You might be on that final stage now, ready to throw your old friend away. Wait! Don’t do it! We have a solution for you: the FixnZip.

How does the FixnZip work?
FixnZip is a jacket zipper replacement slider that fixes a broken zipper without any tools or sewing. All you do is slip it over the zipper teeth on your jacket, tighten down the thumbscrew, and you’ve got a working zipper in a matter of seconds. Did the zipper slider on your jacket break, jam, or pop off? That’s ok! The FixnZip replaces a broken zipper slider. What if the zipper teeth jammed or a few of the teeth broke? The FixnZip can fix a jammed zipper and can slide over some broken teeth to allow your jacket to zip again.

What kind of zippers does it fix?
FixnZip works on metal and plastic zipper teeth, as well as nylon zipper coils. It works on both regular and invisible zippers. A lot of waterproof jackets sport an invisible zipper, which works a little differently than the others. All you do for an invisible zipper is install the FixnZip with the thumbscrew facing the inside of the jacket (see our instructions for invisible zippers).

What size should I use?
A FixnZip size medium will work for most jacket zippers. If you have a heavy-duty work jacket, it might be a size large. Check out our sizing guide to choose the right size FixnZip to fix your broken jacket zipper.

Where can I buy a FixnZip jacket zipper replacement? 
It’s easy to order a FixnZip from our online store, but if you don’t want to wait for shipping, you can find the FixnZip replacement zipper slider at some retailers.

There, now. Don’t you feel better? Your jacket’s as good as new again. The clouds have parted, the wind died down, the sun is shining, and your faithful companion will be with you for years to come.

P.S. The above picture is real. FixnZip been featured on the Today Show three times. You can check out the most recent highlights with Kathie Lee and Hoda or one of the previous segments with Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie , and Al Roker.

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