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Steps to Fix a Jacket (plus luggage and similar items)

STEP 1 The screw on the FixnZip™ slider should be towards the outside of the item. STEP 2 Loosen the screw on slider. STEP 3 Slip the slider over one row of zipper teeth.

STEP 4 Place the slider close to the zipper box. Tighten the screw all the way down, then loosen 1/8 turn. STEP 5 Slider should now be  secured to one row of teeth, like you would find on an unzipped jacket. STEP 6 Insert zipper pin into the slider, and zip up the jacket.

Alternative Steps to Fix Luggage (And Other Zippers That Start in The Middle)

STEP 4 Slip the slider over the other row of teeth STEP 5 Align zipper teeth behind the slider. From the top and bottom, squeeze teeth together with thumb and index finger. STEP 6 Continue to squeeze the teeth, tighten the screw all the way, then loosen 1/8 turn. STEP 7 While still squeezing the zipper teeth, pull the slider up.


Helpful Hints:  It may take several tries to find the right tightness for your zipper.

Teeth easily come apart? Try tightening the screw. The slider won’t zip? Try loosening the screw. -OR- Have a fabric jam? Try loosening the screw. Trouble gripping slider while installing or zipping? Insert the split ring or chord pull first.

Steps for Invisible/Watertight Zippers

See the diagram below to determine if you have an invisible/watertight zipper. When applying the FixnZip™ slider to invisible/watertight zippers, the thumbscrew should face the inside of the item. Use the additional slot on the underside of the slider to attach the cord pull.

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