A Simple Guide to Fixing Zippers on Jeans

A Simple Guide to Fixing Zippers on Jeans
May 5, 2022

If you’re trying to get out the door in a hurry, you might throw on a pair of pants quickly and zip up, only to realize that your hasty zipper skills broke the fly on your jeans. Use this simple guide to fixing zippers on jeans to solve your dilemma without buying a new pair.

Add a Bottom Stop

Broken teeth on a jeans zipper prevent the fastener from working properly. It’s one of a variety of causes for zipper failure. Depending on where the broken teeth are, you might be able to continue zippering. If the damaged teeth are more than halfway down the fly, you can fix them by adding a new stop. Otherwise, a complete replacement is necessary. Here is how to add a bottom stop:

  1. Check the teeth to see if adding a bottom stop is a viable option.
  2. Use a pair of pliers to separate the top stops from the fabric and slide the zipper pull off.
  3. Use your fingers to close the teeth. Begin at the bottom and move upward, pressing a few teeth together simultaneously.
  4. Press the bottom stop on each side of the fabric in front of the broken teeth. Use pliers to secure the bottom stop to the back of the fastener.
  5. Take the original zipper pull or a zipper pull replacement and glide it back on the track. Ensure the teeth are closed and use pliers to reattach the top stops.

Put the Zipper Back on Track

Another popular method involves putting the zipper back on its track. The beginning of this process is different from the bottom stop, but you repeat the same steps once you finish the first step.

The first step you must do for this is to take the top stops off both sides. Once again, grab your trusty pliers and remove the top stops. It’s important to move the slider to the bottom of the zipper before you begin.

Wax On, Wax Off

Regardless of what you try from our simple guide to fixing the zipper on jeans, Fixnzip is here to help you keep your fly fastened. Order a repair kit or replacement sliders to fix any zipper giving you issues in just a few clicks. Try additional methods like using wax to coat the teeth or adding a safety pin to prevent the fly from sliding down. Those are just a couple of ways to extend the life of a zipper.

Visit our store to order your repair kit today. Contact us with any questions!

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